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Residential skylight

VELUX offers a complete line of skylight products and complementary accessories from installation to the finishing touches. Choose from a wide variety of skylight models to find the best skylight for your home!

Modular skylights

Modular skylights can be combined in a number of rooflight configurations, creating perfect solutions for a wide variety of building types: narrow corridors, internal courts, studios, large circulation spaces and much more. Each roof glazing solution is delivered with a special prefabricated flashing ensuring a perfect fit.


Put fresh air at your fingertips with VELUX roof windows. Roof windows are perfect for areas of your home where the ceiling is within reach or spaces that require egress emergency escape capabilities.

Commercial Skylights

An innovative product that balances the structural demands of industry professionals with an architecturally progressive design. ​


Whether you wish to soften the sunlight, blackout a bedroom, or roll-down a fun kids’ theme, there is a VELUX blind to compliment every interior.


Industry Focused Products!

Natural daylight is often overlooked, but think how it can completely transform a room – even making it appear larger. Natural light creates a changing environment as the sun rises and sets, allowing you to enjoy your room 24/7.

Sunlight can improve your well-being by causing your body to produce vitamin D for healthy teeth, bones and immune system, as well as your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by the lack of daylight and can cause serious health problems.

The new ergonomic control bar features a background ventilation position that allows fresh air into your room even when the window is closed should you choose.

Thanks to the larger pane more heat is let into your room (solar gain); whilst heat loss (U-value) is managed by the windows’ insulation properties. This creates an ideal comfort level in your room.

The new generation windows have improved insulation properties due to their innovative design and high quality components. The larger pane allows more solar heat in, as well as daylight, whilst high performance insulation material (VELUX ThermoTechnology™) reduces heat loss. The roof windows have a low U-value of 1.2 for the standard window, an excellent energy efficiency score.

Daylighting has been touted for its many aesthetic and health benefits by designers and researchers alike. Day-lit environments increase occupant productivity and comfort, and provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms. Utilizing natural light leads to substantial energy savings. reducing electricity consumption in lighting by 20 to 50 percent. Solar Daylighting Systems use optical technologies to capture sunlight, transfer it through a reflective pipe, and deliver it indoor as natural light to replace electric lamps at zero electricity cost and no added heat. TAQAMY introduces this technology to Malaysian community in:

1) Houses to Get brighter rooms, and lit dark ones

2) Schools to get brighter students

3) Offices for innovation stimulating environment

4) Sports & Recreational Area

5) Retail & Restaurant

6) Warehouses & Industrial facilities

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